“To die will be an awfully big adventure.”J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

For some of us there’s a growing discontent with the way things are. We’re troubled by rapidly inflating funeral costs, frustrated with impersonal, cookie cutter experiences, and concerned about what our final choices as humans are actually doing to the world we leave behind. Although turning the ship around can feel overwhelming, acknowledging that you aren’t headed in the direction you want to go is the first, and possibly, most important step. Whether you already know that you want to observe a death in your own home, would like to better understand your options when dealing with death in a medical facility, or have decided to get your End of Life plan in order, I’m here to walk the path with you.

Still unsure? Take advantage of a free 30-minute phone consult. This often answers some of the preliminary questions and can help you decide if my assistance is what you want and need at this time. Contact Lauren.

5 Reasons for In Home Death Care

1. In home death care is a return to the ancient ways. This is how many if not all of our ancestors more than three generations back were cared for after death.

2. In home death care gives you more time to process the death. Instead of 4 hours in an unfamiliar place after a week of paperwork, you could spend two days in the comfort of your own home as friends and family trickle in and out with food, stories, tears, and love to share with you.

3. Choosing to care for your loved one at home creates a more intimate, personal experience. Children are able to observe death up close in a safe, communal environment. Nothing is “for show”. For a helpful metaphor think of a meal at your own dining room table vs. one ordered in a restaurant.

4. In home death care gives you more control and a more active role in the process. For many of us brushing our loved ones hair or gently washing the body after they die is the last caring gesture we are able to bestow on them.

5. Those who have experienced in home death care say they can’t imagine doing it any other way in the future. It is a life changing experience.

Ritual for Animal Companions

Many of us will experience the death of a cherished animal companion at some point in our lifetime. It’s important to recognize that the bonds we’ve created are worthy of both deep grief and of marking with personal ceremony. Together we can craft an end of life plan that honors the sacred space you have shared together.

An end of life plan for your animal companion may include:

⦿ Referral to a local veterinarian for in-home euthanasia (if desired)
⦿ Body disposition options discussed and selected.
⦿ Private home ceremony planning
⦿ Guidance for children experiencing their first death up close
⦿ Referral to group counseling for grief support
⦿ Memorial methods and support while grieving