“Give me to the earth when my winter comes, Bury me deep in the ground, Mark not my place with statues or caves, Find me where life can be found.”
Lurana Brown

Statistic: “Although most people express that they would prefer to die at home, only about one third of adults in America have Advance Directives that clearly express their wishes for end of life care.”  – Center for Disease Control

One of the kindest things you can do for yourself and those close to you is to think through and write out your end of life wishes, commonly referred to as an End of Life Plan.

Whether you lean toward natural burial, having your cremated remains turned to beautiful, palm sized memorial stones, or donating your body to science, a few hours of work now will give your loved ones priceless peace of mind when they need it most.

Because creating an End of Life Plan can feel overwhelming, Death Done Differently is available to help you navigate the options and select what’s right for you. This includes completing important legal forms such as the Indiana Health Care Directive, Power of Attorney, Pre-hospital Medical Care Directive (commonly referred to as the Do Not Resuscitate or DNR), and the Indiana Funeral Planning Declaration (IC 29-2-19-13 Form of funeral planning declaration].

When you take the time to complete this process you are taking the time to have a say in the legacy you want to leave. Letters written to specific friends and family, videos recorded, rituals to be included in the funeral service, or funds designated for certain organizations can all be a part of crafting your personal End of Life Plan