The following is a description of services provided and a suggested sliding scale for each. Gifts or trade of services will also be considered in lieu of financial payment. Lauren Richwine reserves the right to provide services free of charge in select circumstances.

Initial Consultation (up to 30 minutes): ALWAYS FREE
A conversation to learn more about my services and ask questions. Must take place via phone. 

Full End of Life Planning$300 – $500
Discussion of funeral options, body disposition (cremation, traditional burial, or green burial), service choices, etc. and assistance with paperwork such as living will, DNR form, and healthcare power of attorney.

Advance Care Planning : $100 – $300
Facilitation of conversation concerning desired levels of medical intervention in the case of a sudden accident or medical issue. Paperwork such as living will, DNR form, and healthcare power of attorney will be completed and filed.

Facilitation of Community Death Care$500 – $1,000
Verbal guidance with loved ones under the direct supervision of a licensed funeral director for moving, bathing, dressing, and arrangement of the deceased. Consultation with family in regard to personal information about the family, music and reading selections, religious acknowledgements (if any) and programming.            

Visits (minimum 2 hours, plus travel)$50 – $80/hour
Tasks may include readings, music, conversation, healing touch, or general companionship with the dying individual. Responsibilities do not include medical treatments, housekeeping, household chores, or childcare.

Vigil (minimum of 2 hour increments)$50 – $80/hour 
Extended presence and support in the active stages of dying.

Legacy Letter for Loved Ones and/or Family$50 – $100 per letter
Assistance in drafting the letter, ensuring it gets to intended recipients.

Support with Funeral Home$150 – $300
Accompaniment to funeral home, review of general price list, support with selection of goods and services, presence at funeral service.  

Animal Companion End of Life Care/Choices$150 – $300
Discussion of body disposition, referral for in home euthanasia, Final Goodbye and memorial options. 

After Death Care for Animal Companion (in home)$150 – $300
Facilitation of care for animal companion in home following death. May include shrouding, guidance in burial, or accompaniment to cremation.