“In the worst time of our life, the peace and beauty of being able to bring our baby girl home was beyond description. To spend the day with her in our home, surrounded by family with no outside pressures or time frames, no cold stark funeral parlor, just flowers and love and comfort… we will forever be thankful beyond words for this opportunity.” – The Schwartz Family


“I called Death Done Differently just hours after my mom finally passed. Lauren was very gentle and extremely informative; an ally during an overwhelming time. Her advice not only saved us a lot of money but helped ensure mom got what she wanted: as simple a funeral as possible. Death is hard and this is a service we need.” – Jared Busch


“Working with Lauren was an amazing experience that I would recommend to any family! When we met to go over funeral planning she answered all of our questions and guided us to think about end of life issues we hadn’t considered before.” – Jennifer Newton


“Lauren Richwine has been our steadfast friend this past year. Because she has supported us in a multitude of ways, we’ve been able to enjoy the time we have left. If you want to make educated choices rather than being rushed into choosing the first funeral package, please connect with her.” – Aubrey and Ty Brinneman


“Lauren has gone above and beyond to help me craft my end of life plan. She supplied me with everything I need to make a strong decision.  I cannot imagine doing this with anyone but Lauren. During the process she knew when to hold my hand and when to give me space. I highly recommend her not only because of her wealth of knowledge and dedication to her craft but also because of her level of sensitivity to the human condition.” – Stephen J. Bailey


Even though I have a large family I felt alone as I cared for my mom in the midst of her cancer journey.  Lauren was there for me. She explained the different physical stages of dying and the spiritual/psychological impact. She also encouraged me to be clear and direct with my mom as we faced the decision to continue or discontinue the ventilator. Her advice gave me the strength I needed to help my mom. 
Jennifer Manco


When one of our family rabbits passed away we knew it would be our young daughter’s first exposure to grief. Even though it was a Sunday, Lauren made arrangements to come to our house that afternoon. Somehow our daughter “gets it” now, even though she’s only four. And I just had my healthiest experience with death at thirty-eight. Whether for the passing of a grandparent or a beloved pet, Death Done Differently will provide respectful, heart-felt guidance. I could not recommend it enough. 
– Dan Kensinger